RF & High Frequency Design

Project Experience up to 183GHz

Radar Design & Measurements

Including Custom Algorithm Development

Multi-Rate Signal Processing

Including filter design & implementation

Physical Modeling & Simulation

Harnessing 25 years Mathematica™ experience for data analysis & theoretical modeling

Antenna Design & Fabrication

Featuring high channel count, wide bandwidth, and high dynamic ranges

Advanced Technology Design & Demonstrations

From concept to field-tested production representative units

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Core Competencies

RF & High Frequency Design
  • Digital Receiver Design
  • Project Experience up to 183GHz
  • High Output Power Units
Radar Design & Measurements
  • Custom Algorithm Development
  • Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave
  • Data Acquisition & Telemetry
Multi-Rate Signal Processing
  • Acoustic Micro Doppler Sonar
  • Waveform Generation, DDS, DSP, FFT
  • Applied Bayesian Mathematics
Physical Modeling & Simulation
  • Mathematica™ Modeling Software
  • HFSS™ 3D eField Simulations
  • Specific Defense-focused expertise
Antenna Design & Fabrication
  • Multiple Feed-Points
  • Full 3D Electromagnetic Simulations
  • High Gain with Multiple Beams
Advanced Technology
  • Development & Demonstrations
  • Rapid Progress Cycles
  • Production Representative Units
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