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Airborne Wind Profiling Portable Radar (AWiPPR™)

Date 2015 – 2018 Client QinetiQ North America Categories Website In 2015 LogLinear completed development of the Wind Profiling Portable Radar (WiPPR) system and began development of an airborne version.  We refer to the airborne version of WiPPR as AWiPPR.  Because of numerous complications associated with the motion of the aircraft, the AWiPPR problem […]

Ocean Aero

Date 2019 – Present Client Ocean Aero Categories Website Triton is the world’s only wind and solar powered, intelligent autonomous vehicle that both sails and submerges for unparalleled data collection and intelligence gathering in some of the hardest-to-reach-places on the planet. Intelligently designed with advanced materials, Triton can be configured to carry an almost […]

Joint Precision Air Drop System (JPADS)

Date 2019 – Present Client QinetiQ North America / US Army Categories Websites JPADS at Qinetiq JPADS at US Army PADS technology enables aircrews to obtain in-situ weather information. For guided airdrop systems, the real-time data provided by the PADS ASonde and accomping Mission Support Equipment (MSE) allows mission planners to increase standoff distance and […]

Wind Profiling Portable Radar (WiPPR™)

Date 2011 – 2015 Client QinetiQ North America Categories Website LogLinear Group’s unprecedented invention, Wind Profiling Portable Radar -or WiPPR™, is a new FMCW radar that is optimized for measuring vector wind velocities in 3m increments at all elevations within the convective boundary layer: a vertical wind stick. WiPPR™ is capable of making unambiguous […]