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Dr. Marshall Bradley

Co-Founder / Chief Scientist
Marshall is co-founder of LogLinear Group LLC, and serves as the Chief Scientist. He is currently engaged in the design and construction of lightweight FMCW Doppler radars. His responsibilities include modeling of physical phenomena and development of radar signal processing algorithms. Dr. Bradley holds a Doctorate in Applied Mathematics from the University of Virginia Engineering School, as well as Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics from the University of Mississippi. In addition to his work on FMCW radar applications, Dr. Bradley has a strong background in applied mathematics, statistics, and signal processing, and the application of these disciplines to military and commercial interests. He is also a patent holder for a triple heterodyne ground penetrating radar. View Dr. Bradley’s contributions to Wolfram Demonstrations Projects


Mark Henderson

Co-Founder / Chief Engineer

Michael Vollmuth

Chief Operating Officer