Wind Profiling Portable Radar (WiPPR™)

LogLinear Group’s unprecedented invention, Wind Profiling Portable Radar -or WiPPR™, is a new FMCW radar that is optimized for measuring vector wind velocities in 3m increments at all elevations within the convective boundary layer: a vertical wind stick.  WiPPR™ is capable of making unambiguous wind velocity measurements over the velocity range -65 to 65 m/s.  It operates at very low instantaneous but high average power while being man-portable, low-power, and suitable for field measurements.  The WiPPR™ radar works both in inclement weather and in clear sky conditions.

WiPPR™ Features

  • Patent-pending technology
  • Antenna design
  • Waveform design and modeling
  • Target and RCS estimation

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