Handheld Radar Simulator

LogLinear rapidly developed a resilient Handheld Radar Simulator, or HRS. This project tapped LogLinear Group’s rapid prototyping techniques, with component printing onsite to validate form, fit, and function. The HRS is capable of simulating radar frequencies from 100MHz to 40 GHz with high power output, withstanding high reverse power, aggressive environmental conditions meeting full MIL-SPEC.

HRS Project Technologies / Skills / Features

  • Rapid development of a handheld radar simulator
  • Components printed onsite to check form, fit and function
  • Capable of simulating radar frequencies from 100MHz to 40GHz
  • High output power
  • Must withstand high reverse power
  • Aggressive environmental conditions; full MIL-STD-464
  • Full EM field simulations and human factors analysis
  • Military Logistics

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